Motion Synergy
Physical Therapy

With a history of providing comprehensive manual physical therapy with specialized care for jaw problems, headaches, dizziness, post concussion syndrome and/or neck pain.

Important Announcement

Beginning in 2023 Motion Synergy Physical Therapy LLC (MSPT) has closed the practice to new referrals. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.


When you move better, you feel better. Motion Synergy Physical Therapy, LLC (MSPT), located in Appleton, is proud to promote, direct access to hands-on individualized manual physical therapy from head to toe.


Synergy is defined as mutual effort. Synonyms include cooperation, partnership and teamwork. It underscores our commitment to working in concert with you and your medical, dental and other health care providers.


We are grateful for past referrals and the opportunity to partner with your family dentist, orthopedic specialist, oral surgeon, chiropractor, primary care physician or massage therapist.